Download APM Server


Download Elasticsearch and Kibana

Install Elasticsearch and Kibana. Start Elasticsearch and Kibana.


Download APM Server

Download and unpack the APM Server for your platform from the following choices.

Choose platform:
DEB x86_64
Package managers:

Start the APM Server

The server processes and stores application performance metrics in Elasticsearch.

If you're using a secured version of Elastic Stack, you need to specify credentials in the apm-server.yml config file. See the documentation.

./apm-server -e
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Install APM agent

Open Kibana and navigate to the APM app. Follow the instructions to install the APM agent in your application.


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Version: 8.13.3

Release date:

License: Elastic License

Supported OS/JVM/Browser


This default distribution is governed by the Elastic License, and includes the full set of free features.

Elastic APM currently supports Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, GoRUM (JS), and .NET.

The pure Apache 2.0 licensed distribution is available here.

DEB 32-bit, RPM 32-bit, Linux 32-bit, Window 32-bit - Deprecated in 8.2.0 - Removed in 8.13.0.

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